Daisy’s Birthday

Birthdays are always special occasions, whether it’s your friend’s, your parents’ or even your dog’s! To celebrate Daisy’s 3rd year of living, my mom and I made a fabric dog house for her! You see, my mom got a sewing machine for Christmas so she was desperate to make something with it. By chance, we found an unused table and thought that it would be nice to transform it into something usable. We painted it white, bought some cute fabric which we ‘quilted’, secured it, and voila! A cute little house for Daisy. Here’s the result:

Cute, isn’t it? Unfortunately, she hasn’t got used to sleeping in it yet and still takes naps under the bed. She does sleep in it at night (as it’s the only warm place to sleep) but she only does at that time. But it all changed yesterday! I was looking for her so that I could play with her and I just chanced to look in the direction of her house… and there she was sleeping peacefully! Bravo! I hurriedly took a picture. She woke up at the sound of the camera clicking, but at least she’s getting used to it. Here’s that picture of her:

Sweet dreams!


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