Ostrich Boys by Keith Gray

I heard that Keith Gray was a ‘great’ writer who wrote with a lot of edginess and excitement. So I read his most popular book, Ostrich Boys, with much anticipation but I was slightly disappointed. The plot was so unique (and was about road travel: a never go wrong style of writing) that I was sure this would be a great read. It was fun, but shallow. However, I acknowledge his endeavor to write about the emotions of boys. It usually turns out either hard (as in no emotion at all) or totally wrong and mushy, but I got the essence of boys’ emotions really well. The plot is as follows:

When their best friend Ross dies, Blake, Kenny, and Sim are mad at everybody. All the people who attended the funeral either didn’t know a thing about him or made his life miserable before his death. So they decide to make a funeral of their own by stealing Ross’ ashes and going on a long trip to Ross, the place he always wanted to go. On the way, they meet a lot of new people and learn a lot of new things, about themselves and Ross.

As I said previously, this book was mediocre in excitement but rich in plot so I give it 7 stars and recommend it for ages 11+ (as death is not a topic for children!)



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