Heartbeat by Sharon Creech

Sorry for not writing for so long! I’m already 4 book reviews behind schedule! I’ll start now, with the one I read right after Beware, Princess Elizabeth. Sorry again!

Ever since I read Walk Two Moons, I’ve been in love with Sharon Creech’s books. They’re all about family relationships, and give very deep meanings to it. This one’s the same. It’s called Heartbeat, which could refer to many things, like her new sibling’s delicate life or the way her heart beats to the rhythm of her feet pounding the earth as she runs. It is written in the same poetic form as Love that Dog and Hate that Cat. Here’s what Heartbeat is about:

Annie, a twelve year old girl, is experiencing lots of difficulties whilst growing up: her best friend Max becomes ‘moody’ and withdraws into himself, her mother is pregnant, and her grandfather is getting forgetful. Her world is changing like the apple she’s been assigned to draw a hundred times. How will she cope with all these things? Read to find out!

Even though it’s a quick read, it has quite a lot of depth. I, personally, like the way it’s written, in the verse-like form. Therefore, I give it 8 stars. I’d recommend it for around readers 10+, as younger kids wouldn’t understand the problems as much as older kids, therefore not having that much fun. I think it’s a pleasant book to read over the weekend.



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