Deep Secrets by Berlie Doherty

A beautifully written tale of romance, hatred, and death, this book is almost a must read. At first, I couldn’t really grip the sequence of events or memorize the characters but I got over that in a couple of chapters. It really is a mesmerizing story so here’s what it’s about:

Madeleine and Grace are mirror-image twins and can be neither separated nor told apart. They live peacefully in a quiet village with their family and a few other close neighbors. But the twins, after a dreadful accident, are numbered down to one when Grace bumps her head on a rock and dies. Madeleine, deciding to give her twin a life, says that she was the one who died and pretends to be Grace. Even before the mourning is over, more shocking news arrives: the village is being sold to the Water Board and will be soon demolished to be made into a reservoir. Will Madeleine ever get over her sister’s death? Will the villagers accept and survive the drastic change? Read to find out!

As I said earlier, this book is a must read, and I would recommend it to all my friends. It’s exciting and has many twists and turns in the middle, never giving you a break. To some people, it might be confusing, as it has many problems and conflicts, but I liked it nevertheless. Therefore, I give it 9 stars. I would recommend it for ages 12 or 13+, as it is written more for teenagers than for kids, in my opinion. This is a great read!



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