Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

My high expectations for this sequel of the famous Stargirl were dashed into tiny pieces. I had read Stargirl with much joy and revelations of human nature and expected to do the same with this sequel. However, Love, Stargirl has none of the appeal of the previous book. Stargirl, the bright, carefree, too good person, seems to lose confidence in Love, Stargirl and becomes the average teenage girl, losing all her charm. There are some factors that do make this book bearable: mainly the never-go-wrong diary and letter format. The plot is as follows:

Stargirl has moved to Pennsylvania and writes a series of long letters to Leo, her previous (and future?) boyfriend. She tries to deal with the betrayal of Leo and all the cruelty of the people at her old school. In her new town, she meets new friends like Dootsie–the cute but mischievous 6-year-old–, Betty Lou–the woman who hasn’t left her house in years–, and Alvina–the constantly mad teenager. She also meets trouble-maker Perry and finds that she has strange feelings for him. Is it love? And what will happen to Leo if it is? Read to find out!

As I said previously, this book was disappointing. Therefore, I give it 6.5 stars and recommend it for ages 12+. Kids younger than that can read the book, but it wouldn’t be as fun or they wouldn’t understand it as much.



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