Rogues’ Gold by John Pilkington

An exciting, historical novel filled with drama, murder, and scandal, this book is one that brings you back through time to when Elizabeth was queen and danger was around every corner. I devoured this book and could hardly put it down! Here’s what it’s about:

Ben Button, apprentice actor to the Lord Bonner’s Men, is excited to get on the road and have a whole summer of acting! But things are not as they seem. They arrive at Bowford Manor, unaware of the scheme they are tangled up in. Soon after, one of them, Solomon Tree, is accused of stealing the precious Lodovico plate and is arrested. Ben teams up with Lady Sarah, and together they must find the plate itself to prove his friend innocent. But what secrets does it hold? And will they find it in time? Read to find out!

I really enjoyed this book and was sad to end it. But I found out recently that it is a part of a series called ‘The Elizabethan Mysteries’! Hooray! As for the rating, I give it 8 stars. Also, I recommend it for ages 10+ because there are a few historical events that might not make much sense to little kids. I liked this book.



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