Watercolor Glass Still Life (Update)

It’s been so long since I last posted! I was away for an internship this summer, and it went amazingly well, for which I am very thankful to God.

I wasn’t able to do a lot of (if any) art while I was working, but I managed to do quite a bit in the two weeks before the fall semester started. I’m currently working on another scientific poster, this time of an oyster. I also finished the watercolor glass object still life that I had started in class but hadn’t finished. Here it is today!


While doing it, I was quite unhappy with the leaves, but they actually look alright in the photograph. I’m pretty happy with how the glass objects turned out. Glass has actually become one of my favorite things to paint in watercolor. Once you know a few tricks and really pay attention to the detail (and learn not to freak out about how bad it looks in the beginning), it’s pretty fun to do!

Also, I started a Catholic gratitude blog to document and share my daily thoughts of gratitude. Click here to check it out!



Thomas Schütte

For the last project of my watercolor class, we had to do two paintings “in-the-manner-of” a watercolor artist of our choice. I chose Thomas Schütte, in part because his style is very different from my own. I thought it would force me to go outside my comfort zone.

One of the paintings had to be our own interpretation of his style. I decided to draw a Chinese cabbage based on his loose studies of objects. And yes, in case you’re wondering, it is indeed a cabbage (some people couldn’t figure out what it was). It is tied up in a green ribbon.



Raccoon on Yupo Paper

For one of our watercolor classes, we had to draw on yupo paper, which is a very water-resistant, almost plastic-y “paper” that dries quickly. It was an… interesting experience.

Actually, to be honest, some students really disliked it, but I thought it was fun. It kind of forced me to be more expressive in my painting. Our professor knew that the paper lent itself to looser painting, so she had printed out lots of different animals to choose from, since fur and feathers and things are good to draw loosely. I chose a raccoon, even though it’s not my favorite animal. The picture had good contrast.

And here it is!


I think if I went into a bit more detail, it would be nice. More definition would also help. But it was a fun project!


Scientific Poster: Poppies

For our watercolor class (which I’m loving!) we had to draw an object of our choice in the style of an old scientific poster. My mom absolutely loves scientific posters, so I was looking forward to this assignment. We had some nice poppies in our front porch, and I decided to use them for this project. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!


Happy Spring, everyone!


Watercolor Grid Painting

In my watercolor class, for one of our projects, we had to draw a grid (which was a feat in and of itself!) and fill in each square with the corresponding color in a photograph of our choice. I decided to draw my mom and gave the finished piece to her as a birthday gift. Here’s the finished piece!


And a progress photo…



Glass Still Life

I’m taking a watercolor class this semester, which is so fun! I love watercolor. I think it may be my favorite medium.

As of writing this post, I’m working on a still life with a focus on reflective objects. I actually like painting glass. It looks difficult, but once you get the hang of it, it can be quite rewarding. I also like working with details (sometimes).

Here’s, roughly, what I’m painting from:


And here are some progress shots!



The Beginning of the World

This year, I thought I’d upload a draft of a picture book that I’ve been working on (as in on-and-off) for roughly two years. It’s about the Book of Genesis and the creation of the world. I don’t particularly like the layout, and I really want to replace the final drawing, but I did want to put it out into the world!

I hope that you like it! Comments would be much appreciated!

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You can see a PDF version of the book here.


Sea Cliff Drawing

Hi, all! I wanted to show you one of my recent completed pen and watercolor drawings. It took a really long time, but I think it was worth it! Here are the process photos:


I can’t believe it’s already been three months since I last posted… I’ll try to upload more frequently from now on!

I’m off to Melbourne tonight, so I may post some photos when I get back!

Comments are appreciated as always!