Quick Portrait

After coming home from school (sixth period… the horror!) I was tired and bored, and I had my color pencils next to me, so I just thought I’d draw something from scratch… and on scratch paper. On my calendar I have a boy band (please don’t judge) so I drew one of the members from there. I do not worry about you discovering which band I like, though: the portrait is so awful the person is unrecognizable. And so, here it is!

Colored Portrait

This took roughly two or three minutes to draw. I quite like how the lines are all of different colors… might be an interesting thing to investigate later on. Sorry if I’m rambling. I’m just so tired. Curse you, school! That is why I am drawing on your homework!



Tree in Snow

One of my resolutions for this blog was showing my work in progress, and I hope to do that today!

There’s a tree in front of my house that looks very nice in snow, so I thought I’d draw it with mixed media. The picture below is my first sketch done in color pencils. I’d also just bought a colorless blender that I tried and found that it worked really well!

Snow Tree 1

I then added in the background (watercolor), darkened up the tree, and blended the snow more with some black and white pastels. It turned out to be:

Snow Tree 2

I still don’t think it’s finished as the background looks a bit plain. Perhaps I’ll add some bushes in watercolor or another tree. Not sure yet. Any ideas to make it more interesting would be great!


Finally Done!

I do Art GCSE and have finally finished my coursework! After months of laboring over final touches, annotations, and what-not, I have completed my ‘final piece’.

The theme was ‘Similarities and Differences’. For this piece, I decided to “investigate the cultural significances of fruits in different literature pieces.” The first book I incorporated into my art was The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. A symbol of this wonderful novel was pomegranates. As the main character’s friendship blooms, so does the pomegranate tree in front of the house. But as the friendship withers, so do the fruits decay. So, I put texts of this book into the background and then drew on top of it.

The second literature piece I investigated was The Schoolteacher’s Guest by Isabel Allende. The main character’s son is shot when trying to reach a mango from a neighbor’s garden. As the mango tree decays, the mother’s want of revenge grows.

Here are my final pieces!

It took a lot of work, but I’m quite proud of it.


Bird Illustration

As promised, here is my finished Spotted Necked Dove illustration mentioned in my last post!

Spotted Necked Dove

I’m a bit disappointed with the wing feathers and overall shading, but considering that it was done in two days (as I had to complete it before I left), I’m quite satisfied. It’s done mainly in watercolor with details added in color pencil and the white dots in acrylic.

Also, I’m back from London! I’m still a bit jet lagged so I won’t be able to post a long post today. Instead, here’s a sneak peek picture of my time in London!

Big Ben



The Future (or past…?)

Well, unlike as promised, I could not do something for Illustration Friday last week. Sincere apologies for that. And instead of making up for it like I should, I have an announcement to make: I will not be able to post anything for the next two weeks minimum. I’m very sorry, but it is test time! Hopefully IF will make a topic that I already have a drawing of, in which case I can just upload it. But otherwise, I will not be able to post. 😦

For this week, however, I’ve managed to doodle this week’s theme: Future. The drawing below is done with colored pencils. I know that it looks more like a ‘past’ drawing (especially when noting the flag…) but let us pretend that it is some other planet.



Till next time! And, again, sorry for the break!


A Storm’s a Brewin’

Sorry for the hurried posting last week. I finished the sketch right before the deadline so I had no time to perfect the drawing or to write about it. This week, however, is different!

Or not so much… I doodled the drawing below in about 2 minutes with my color pencils. I would have done better as it is half-term break (which means we get a week off) but I have too much holiday homework… Enjoy, though!



Happy 2013!

So, another year has passed again, and another one has started. Lots of things happened in 2012, like the U.S. Presidential Elections, the (not) ending of the world, and, personally, my starting of high school! For my blog, I’ve also undergone many big changes, like turning it unofficially into my art blog and joining Illustration Friday. At the end of last year, I made a few resolutions for this blog. Now it’s time to check out how many I fulfilled!

  • Get 100 views in one day. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do this one yet again. However, I did make a new personal record with 76 views in one day with this post! That counts as something, right?
  • Write travel guide for America. Check!
  • Upload more drawings. Definitely checked!
  • Make better header. Check!
  • Collect more subscribers. Check! In fact, this year I have gotten 18 more subscribers! Thanks so much everyone!

Now, for my new resolutions:

  • Upload Illustration Friday posts regularly
  • Write travel guide for Niagara Falls
  • Continue book reports
  • Draw things unrelated to Illustration Friday and post
  • (Get 100 views in one day: I shall never give up!)

So, these are my new resolutions. Have a great 2013 everyone! And let’s start fresh like this little sapling!


Christmas Candle

I know Christmas is over, but the spirit still lingers in my house! I thought it wouldn’t hurt to draw one more Christmas-themed illustration.

I got a set of Faber-Castell color pencils for my Christmas present and I couldn’t wait to try them out so I used them for this week’s IF theme: Glow. The pencils blend really well and there is a wide variety of colors. I drew this piece on my watercolor paper so the texture of the paper shows through, though I erased some of the background texture on Photoshop. I suppose you could call it style. 🙂

Christmas Candle


Happy Holidays and a Joyful New Year!