Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

When my mom picked this book up from a shelf in the library, I whined “Mom! Not another classic! And not another Charles Dickens’!” My mom ignored me and borrowed it anyway. It stayed on my bookshelf for around a month, collecting dust and glares from me. It was only until I had no books to read when I reluctantly picked up this book. I was blown away from the start. It is so unbelievably hilarious and mind-bogglingly exciting that I devoured this book in 3 days. I divide this book into three parts. The first part is funny and hooking to the reader. The second is exciting and mysterious. And the third wraps up the book nicely. All right, I admit it, I didn’t get a single word of the ending (the words are so difficult and the logic is… don’t get me started on the logic!), but I think I can guess the gist of it. Anyway, it’s truly a fun book to read and blew the ‘classics are boring’ stereotype out of me.

Oliver Twist is born with bad luck. From the orphanage to the workhouse, he is brought up with little care and less food. His life is as miserable as he thinks it can get… until he asks for more food. He is ‘apprenticed’ (or thrown out, more like it) to the undertaker, Mr. Sowerberry. When an unjust happening occurs, he runs away into the hands of the evil Fagin. Oliver escapes but Fagin is determined to get him back. Will Oliver escape Fagin? And what mysteries surround his past?

I love this book. It’s the first classic I am writing a report about and it’s a good book so it’s double the specialness. I give this book 9.5 stars. I might have given it 10, if I had understood the ending. I recommend it for ages 13+ since it’s so difficult! This is a truly amusing book. If you need to read a classic, this is the one to read.



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