First Day in France

Yippee! After a twelve hour flight, I am finally in France! At around 6 a.m., I arrived at the Charles De Gaulle Airport via Air France…

*Now, a note about Air France: they are simply awful. The staff I will talk about later but the airplane, ugh! I think I’ll make a list: it’s small, it’s old, but the most horrifying thing is that they don’t turn on the air-con!!! I thought I would die in there! Isn’t it basic etiquette to keep your passengers cool? Or at least ventilate the air a bit! It was stuffy, hot, humid; all the bad things you can say about air quality. And that was whilst we were on the runway, waiting for the plane to take off. And, about that, we were late by 40 minutes! The plane didn’t even taxi and they gave us no explanation! Usually, if the plane take-off is even late by 10 minutes, the pilot or somebody says “Oh, sorry for the late take-off, we apologize sincerely” etc, etc. But here they didn’t say anything! When they finally started to prepare for take-off, guess what? They sprayed disinfectant on us! What are we, germs?! Anyway, that’s why I insist, do not fly with Air France.*

… and we went straight away to the car rental service called ‘Hertz’. It was okay, if you ask me. The car was quite big and all but the thing I love the most is the GPS! I’m usually high-tech in things and all (I got the first DS and Game Boy!) but for cars, I’m quite low in grade. It was my first time using it (it was called the Never Lost) and I was quite amazed! I’ll tell you why later. We loaded our luggage into the car and took off for the Best Western CDG Airport. We lost our way several times (I’ll blame our chauffeur, AKA my dad, for that!) but each time the GPS would say “Recalculating” and give us a new route. A hint: the route is outlined in pink, so if the voice doesn’t say anything just follow that. What should’ve taken us 5 minutes took 10, but it was okay.

Arriving at the hotel, I was a bit disappointed. I heard it was a 4 star hotel but the room was too small and not decorative. The lobby was a bit cool but not that much. The buffet was also average so I give it a 3.5 star. Anyhow, after a few hours break we decided to head off to Paris! Finally!

With the help of Never Lost, we made it to Paris in record time: 40 minutes. We decided to go first to the Arc de Triomphe as we thought it would be the most ‘Parisian’ thing closest to us … and it was amazing. The sculptures were all so realistic, the carvings were beautiful and the structure itself was like no other. Rather than go on, let me show it to you.

It was really quite breath-taking. Also, I heard that it was almost impossible to get there but we just parked next to the sidewalk. Easy Peasy! Now, I’m pretty sure that it’s not illegal because another car was right in front of us! So, it’s normal… not. The car was actually an army car but, well, whoops! My bad. It’s probably still legal, though, if someone stays in your car, ready to move. 🙂

Next, we went to the Eiffel Tower. You know, I knew it would be amazing but this was out of belief. It was way bigger than I imagined it to be and had a very simple yet intricate construction. Here are my pictures:

I saw it from the outside and, guess what, the elevator is moved by clockwork! It was so cool ’cause two giant clogs rotate around each other and the elevator goes up!

It was already around 6 o’clock so we thought we’d get some dinner. So we went here and there and finally spotted a few restaurants! There were quite a few so we didn’t know which one to choose but we saw lots of people grouped in on one so we went there. It’s called “Chez Francis” which means “At Francis’s”.

I’d rate it 1 star: it took a long time to serve and the food was bad. You see, we ordered meat; my mom steak tartare and me roast beef but I ordered it ‘well-done’ and the inside was still red! Also, on the menu, it says that the steak tartare will be ‘pan-fried’ so we ordered it and was served raw! So, yes, I don’t recommend it for the food but the view of the Eiffel Tower was AMAZING! Let me show you:

Beautiful, isn’t it? So I would recommend it for a night-time snack but not for eating dinner. Also a good place to take pictures!

It was already time to head back home. We hopped into the car and drove back to the hotel … or at least tried to. Well, to get to there, you need to take an exit but that was blocked from all angles! So we would continue on the road but the GPS would keep telling us to go back! Luckily, after two hours of aimless wandering, we followed a throng of cars (despite the GPS’s protest) and went to the hotel through a different way. Whew! Back at the room, I practically fainted on my bed. What an exciting day!



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