Blog Revamp

If you’re a regular visitor to my blog or you’ve seen it before, you may have noticed that something has changed… practically the whole website! I decided to change the theme, because I felt like my old theme was too traditional for me, what with the serifs and monotone palette. Not that the theme itself is bad, but I guess my tastes have changed.

I do feel somewhat conflicted about not having my header picture with the logo. I tried adding it, but it felt sloppy and wasn’t well aligned with the rest of the features. I guess I get quite sentimental and attached to these things and that it’s time to let go.

I’ve also spent quite a while categorizing my posts, because for the past ten years that I’ve been blogging, I haven’t used categories! When I learned about them, I thought it was too late to add them to all of my posts, but I decided to undertake the task and just do it. And I have succeeded!

I hope you like the new updates. Let me know what you think!



End of the Year: A New Start

It’s the end of 2013 and therefore a new start tomorrow. But for me, that is happening in more ways than one. Today, I’m leaving a country I’ve lived in for 11 years and going back to my hometown. It’s exciting, worrying and nerve-wracking all at the same time. Which is not lightened up by the fact that there is a snowstorm in New York right now…

So, I won’t be able to post for around two weeks, unfortunately. But at least I’ll finally be able to upload pictures of real snow, rather than the fake one that is falling down.

But there is some unfinished business here for this blog: New Year Resolutions. Let’s see how I’ve done this year!

  • Upload Illustration Friday posts regularly. Now, this is debatable, but I’d say check!
  • Write travel guide for Niagara Falls. Unfortunately, no… But with more time in the U.S., I’ll be able to!
  • Continue book reports. No… sadly, no…
  • Draw things unrelated to Illustration Friday and post. Check!
  • Get 100 views in one day. This is my long-term goal. I haven’t done it yet, but I won’t let that get me down!

Two out of four… I could do better next time. And for that ‘next time’, I’ll write some new resolutions!

  • Write travel guides
  • Upload progress of drawings (not only finished projects)
  • Explore the WordPress community of artists: I’ve found it’s wonderful!

And, as usual, my long-term goal of 100 views.

Thanks to everyone for a great year!

Happy New Year!


Blog on Fire Award

Today I woke up to a pleasant surprise: I have been nominated for the Blog on Fire Award by creativeliz! Thank you so much!

Blog on Fire Award

The Rules:

List 8 random things about yourself:

  • I go to a school that is literally on the equator.
  • I am allergic to cats but not dogs.
  • I can recite eight poems off the top of my head.
  • I used to be afraid of saying the letter ‘V’ because I thought it would call vampires.
  • Recently, I made a list of phobias I have. In total, I have 14.
  • I think Google is the best invention ever. Wikipedia is a close second.
  • I cannot watch scary/action movies so I read the plot on IMDB instead.
  • I like green as a color, blue to wear, pink as furniture, and white as a game piece.

Nominate 8 of your favorite blogs and let them know:


Lorna Alkana



Aaron the Ogre

Vivian Cheung

Mary P. Williams

The Illustrious Peacock

Thanks again for the award!


New Record!

My record for most views in one day for this blog was 75 views, set on January 2009. But that record is now broken! On October 19th, I got 76 views for this blog. Thanks to everyone who helped make that happen. 🙂

As for updates, I am currently working on Illustration Friday’s new theme: Sky. I’ll probably post it in two days, but that depends on how much free time I have. I won’t give out any spoilers about the piece… yet. 😉


End of the year

Well, it’s now the closing of the year, although it seems like just yesterday that it started. I’ve done so many things this year, like getting a new art program, going to America for the first time in four years, and, probably one of the biggest events, getting braces. There’s also been some great changes and incidents for this blog, like using tags, writing my 101st post (now actually 110!), and, the truly greatest change and event of all, moving my blog.

At the start of this year, I made some New Year resolutions about this blog. Since it’s now the end of the year, it’s time to check how many I fulfilled!

  • Finish the Paris and a bit of Belgium page. check!
  • Post events on time, not the day after. check!
  • Write more often about my daily life. (this one is debatable but) check!
  • Fill my posts with pictures and drawings. (also debatable but also) check!
  • Get 100 views in one day!!! definitely not checked…

So I’ve got all of them except one! Great! Now, for next year’s resolutions (with the unfinished one from this year included):

  • Get 100 views in one day
  • Write travel guide for America
  • Upload more drawings
  • Make better header
  • Collect more subscribers
  • Receive Freshly Pressed! (for long-term, not only next year, because it is highly improbable)

Another five for next year (not including the long-term one, which would make it six), and hopefully I’ll be able to complete all of them by the end!


My 101st Post

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that I had already written 100 posts. Tears rushed to my eyes: writing 100 posts on a blog is such a big event! Therefore, I decided to do an award ceremony with the posts I have written. I have awards for Best Story, Most Informative, and Most Creative! It seemed a bit hard to give an award for the ultimate best post, so I eliminated that award from the list. I’ll choose the best posts in each category with some opinions from my friends and family. Hope you enjoy this literary red carpet!
(Also, I shall add illustrations later. This is because I only have my laptop with me which does not have Adobe Illustrator. I’ll add the drawings when I get back from vacation.)

I had two candidates for Best Story: Water of Happiness and the Curse of the Newspaper House. And after much contemplation, the winner is… The Water of Happiness! It’s a full story that has an interesting plot — if I do say so myself — and is amusing to read. Congratulations Water of Happiness!

For the Most Informative award, there were lots of candidates, namely: Pop-up text using Photoshop CS3; The iPhone 4G: the best phone ever; Happy Chinese New Year; and Adobe Illustrator — the best of the best. This was a very hard decision to make, as all my informative posts are coincidentally my best ones. Nevertheless, I have decided on who will get the award, and the winner is… Pop-up text using Photoshop CS3! Its step-by-step tutorials make it the most explanatory post and therefore the best candidate for this award.

Finally, the Most Creative award also had so many promising candidates that it was hard to choose. The candidates were: Halloween; Rain; My dog Daisy; New House, New Life; and Tests and other obstacles that make life hard for a teenage girl. It took the longest to decide the winner, but eventually I did. And the winner is… My dog Daisy. Although the other posts were creative in their writing or pictures, this one was creative in its format. Nobody, I believe, has tried it before.

And so there are the winners. Best Story goes to Water of Happiness; Most Informative went to Pop-up text using Photoshop CS3; and Most Creative went to My dog Daisy. Hope you enjoyed my 101st Post and thank you for supporting this whole time. I couldn’t have done it without you.



As you must have noticed, I have officially moved from K’s Kool Blog. If you now go on that blog, you’ll not see anything. 😦 Yes, it’s very sad, but I really like this blog. I shall try my hardest to do everything that is the best for this blog. It is like my child. I have a lot of jobs, like making a header, updating my gravatar, buying a redirect upgrade… It is hard. But it’s so fun!


Big Decisions

What with my long time blogging experience here at K’s Kool Blog, I was thinking of making this blog as good as it can be. One of my thoughts is to change my web address:, to something else. My reasons for doing this are many, so here are a few to outline my motive:

  • It is hard to verbally tell people my address. (i.e. I say ‘ugogirlz’, they write down ‘yougogirls’)
  • Most bloggers make their address the same as their title. (If the main title (like K’s Kool Blog) was Cooking For Life, the address would be
So this is a big decision for me: move my content to a new blog or keep this old friend of mine? After much consideration, I have decided to move. I will add a Site Direct upgrade for one year so that if anyone types the old address during the year, they will be redirected to the new one. However, I can’t decide on a new address, so I need your help! Please vote:
So, the choice is yours, which address?