Abela by Berlie Doherty

After Berlie Doherty came to this blog, I tried checking out some more of her books, and I came upon this one. It seemed like it would be interesting, so I checked it out. But it was actually one of the saddest books I’ve ever read. Actually, at some parts, it’s so sad that your skin feels a bit itchy and uncomfortable, as if you shouldn’t read it. But it’s a good read, nevertheless. I’ll tell you now, in case I’ve discouraged you, it HAS A GOOD ENDING! Don’t worry. So, here’s what it’s about:

Abela, a poor Tanzanian girl, lives with her grandma Bibi, her only living relative since her mother, father, and baby sister all died from AIDS. One day, her uncle Thomas comes and whisks her off to England, as part of a scheme for him himself to go there too. Abela has to live with a virtual stranger, who treats her as a prisoner. She runs away, and many traumatic things follow. Meanwhile, Rosa, a 13-year-old girl, who was living happily with her mother, finds out that her mother wants to adopt a girl. Will Rosa accept the fact of adoption? Will Abela ever find happiness again? Read to find out!

An amazingly sad story, this novel is one that will be implanted in my heart forever. Rosa and Abela take turns telling the story, sometimes with a third person telling Abela’s one. I liked it so I will give around 7.5 stars. I’d recommend it for ages 13+, since even I had a hard time digesting it. But a good read if you want to know about the reality of the world.



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