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My college moved to online classes last month (a decision that I wholeheartedly agree with!), and I had this idea of making an online office hours platform to facilitate social interactions and just make people a bit happier. I’ve given up on the actual idea, since I’ve realized that it’s super hard to make an online multiplayer game, but I had already made some character designs, which I want to show you today.


Stay safe, everyone!



Together Forever

I’ve been busy with Art homework for the past two weeks (hope to post some of that here soon) so I was not able to do anything for Illustration Friday. For this week’s Illustration Friday, however, I have altered one of my old characters to fit the theme: Together. I think they look quite cute!



How sweet for them to be together forever.



So sorry for not posting anything for over two weeks! I was on a trip in Korea (will publish something about it later!) and enjoyed it very much. Unfortunately, though, the internet at the hotel was very weak, so I was unable to do anything on the computer, much less post anything.

As soon as I got back, however, I’d been planning this week’s IF: Power. I revamped this old Illustrator piece I did when I was playing with Width tool. Here it is!


Also played with the Whirl tool for the thing coming from her hand. I’m quite pleased with its effect.


Retro Robot

These days, all the robots I see are either high-tech, white, sleek figures that look a little too much like humans for comfort, or big, bulky pieces of metal with numerous things – usually weapons – stuck on them. For this week’s IF theme (Robot, what else?), therefore, I thought I’d design a friendly retro robot. Something that would look more like a first robot. Meet Oktopussy! Your very own butler.

Robot Octopus


Now, he takes some time to get used to your home, but once he is, he’s friendly, helpful, and, above all, obedient. He sometimes doesn’t understand your commands, and he sometimes drops things, and he sometimes trips, breaking your stuff… but otherwise, he’s awesome!


Anime Coloring Revised

Last night, I thought I was finished with my manga. But when I looked at it again this morning, I realized there were a lot of details unfinished! I feel a bit bad posting the (almost) same thing twice, but I’d just like to show my revised version of the manga I posted yesterday without deleting the unfinished version.

Snow princess color rev.

I added a bit of detail to the tiara, fixed some of the uncolored parts, added (invisible) eyelashes, cleaned up the eyes, made the flow of the hair more natural, and added some texture to the snow. The image still looks almost the same as the last one, though.



Photoshop Coloring: Anime

I found a photo of an unfinished manga sketch, which I have since lost the original sketch of. Since I am so infatuated with Photoshop these days, I thought, why not try doing digital coloring for once? I’d tried it a couple of times before and had failed miserably, but I thought this time would be better due to my fixed tablet. The result is this:

Snow princess colored

Considering I’ve learnt all the coloring techniques from YouTube, I don’t think this is a bad first effort, don’t you? I should fix my outlines, though. If you have any tips with that, please do comment below!

The image is inspired by Kamikaze Factory’s Shojo Manga: Pop and Romance.


Strawberry Girl

As promised in the last post, I was able to finish an illustration (with a background too!) before school started. This may be the last for a while due to a very probable homework overload… though I hope not!

Since I did a ‘guy’ illustration last time, I decided to do a ‘girl’ for this illustration. My dad is currently sick, which I believe is the result of unhealthy eating, so I made this cartoon in the hope that he’ll stop eating cakes and start eating fruits and vegetables. 🙂 Here’s to you, Dad! Get well soon!

And with a background!


Afro guy

While I was in Korea for my week-long vacation, I visited an animation studio. It was very interesting seeing the whole process of making a cartoon. From the storyboard to the digital programming… it all takes so much thought and effort! From now on, I think I’ll be able to appreciate every single detail in animation movies.

I was inspired from that visit to make a character of my own with Illustrator. This is how it turned out:

And here it is with a background:


I also have another cartoon in progress. I hope to post it before school starts next Thursday!


Man with a Beret

Upon updating my Adobe Illustrator, I’ve been experimenting with the new tools available and the old tools that I didn’t use before. I tried Shape Builder yesterday (which wasn’t as interesting as I’d hoped) and today I tried the Mesh tool. It actually turned out quite well! I was even able to make my own character. (Since it’s my first try at the Mesh tool, please forgive the lack of depth.)

If you have any tips to do with the Mesh tool, please comment below!

Now I’m off to study Vector! (Whatever that means…)