First Day in Belgium

After some breakfast and a little break in the hotel, we set off for Belgium at around 11:30 a.m. We set up Never Lost (it can locate different countries too!) and drove through the highway.

Luckily, there were a lot of rest stops so when it was time for lunch, we could easily get some. It was a sort of cafe and the take out food was quite good! I had pasta and thought “oh, this is okay” but then I tried the pizza and I thought “WOW! This is better than normal ones at home!”.

We continued onto the road for around five more hours and arrived in Belgium at 6:00 p.m. The hotel is called the ‘Radisson’. It was really good. The handicap room is nice and big and so is the toilet. Also, the interior is quite modern; I don’t usually like it but this time it was okay. A notice: there are a lot of hidden compartment in the room! If you see a line on a surface, try to lift it up and I’m sure you’ll find some things! Anyway, I give this hotel  4.5 stars, half a star more than the original rating.

After some rest, we went to the hotel restaurant called ‘Koper’. The interior decoration was nice, and guess what? The menus are made from real copper! It’s quite heavy and nicely tarnished, giving a homey feel. The food was also okay but don’t get fooled by the word ‘gamba’: it’s just shrimp. I give the restaurant a  2 star. The food was relatively good and served hot.

After that, we just went to bed. Driving for seven hours is hard work!



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