Merry Christmas!

My first semester of college is now over, and it’s now Christmas! This year’s Christmas picture shows the drive home for Christmas. I think it’ll go well with the song “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”.

Driving Home for Christmas

I drew the background with pastels, but I wasn’t satisfied with the saturation, so I added the other features with Photoshop using my tablet. I think it went quite well!

Merry Christmas, everyone!



Animal Pastel Drawing

While shopping at an art store a while ago, I saw a box of oil pastels with a decent range of colors for a pretty good price (I think around S$7). I then happily bought it!


I then worked on a piece for a while, which I am happy to show you today!

I took inspiration for this piece from a few photos. Here’s the link to the elephant, the gazelles (first photo and second photo), the zebras, the rhino, the leopard, and the background (first photo and second photo).


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! I know this post is a bit late, since it’s past December 25, but since Christmas is 12 days long, I hope you still have time to enjoy this post!

I’d originally drawn the below drawing with pastels on common printer paper, but it turned out so awfully that I had to redo it in Photoshop. The final product didn’t turn out that well either, so I’m posting my family’s Christmas decorations to make up for it!


And here are the decorations:


Green Pumpkins

After buying pastels, I remembered that the only time I’d used them was for a quick sketch of an imaginary (and almost unidentifiable) field of flowers. I thought it was time to use them for a ‘real’ sketch.

My comfort zone seems to lie in natural objects so I decided to draw a fruit or vegetable. There was only this pumpkin in the kitchen so I managed to steal it before my mom ate it. And, here it is:


I really like pastels! It’s like charcoal, but with color! I did this piece in several layers using fixative and it gives a nice noise effect, like on Photoshop. This also coincides with IF’s theme: Natural. I have a lot of natural pieces but I’ll just upload the most recent. Too bad I can’t upload multiple entries; I would have liked to share my GCSE work.

I would love to hear some pastel tips from you masters. 🙂 Please comment below!


Tree in Snow

One of my resolutions for this blog was showing my work in progress, and I hope to do that today!

There’s a tree in front of my house that looks very nice in snow, so I thought I’d draw it with mixed media. The picture below is my first sketch done in color pencils. I’d also just bought a colorless blender that I tried and found that it worked really well!

Snow Tree 1

I then added in the background (watercolor), darkened up the tree, and blended the snow more with some black and white pastels. It turned out to be:

Snow Tree 2

I still don’t think it’s finished as the background looks a bit plain. Perhaps I’ll add some bushes in watercolor or another tree. Not sure yet. Any ideas to make it more interesting would be great!


Settled Down

I’m finally used to the twelve-hour difference and so can post as usual now! A lot has happened during the past two weeks, such as me getting used to the cold (and inches of snow), as seen here:

The coldest day in a decade!
The coldest day in a decade!

I’ve also bought some new art supplies. And by new, I don’t just mean that they are unopened, but I also mean I got materials I have never used before! Such as pastels!

I was so excited to use them (I have never used them before. Wait, I just said that!) so did a little experiment on blending, layering, and gripping. It turned out like this:

Field of flowers

I think I was a little cold and wanted some summer. Who knew would ever want to be hot!



Well! It’s been more than two weeks since I’ve posted on this blog, and now I’m back! All tests are now finished and I’ve done the best I can. I just hope that my best is enough. Like all students hope…

But the reason I’m posting is for this week’s IF theme: Children. I’ve approached this theme in two ways. Firstly, the drawing I’m uploading was drawn when I was around five years old (which is a bit embarrassing) so it is a ‘child’s’ drawing. Secondly, the drawing is of a child, so it literally portrays the theme of ‘Children’.

Boy at a picnic


Yes, this is very embarrassing for me to post here, but I suppose it just shows my progress in drawing.

Also, I’m going on holiday this Sunday to London! So excited! I’ll tell you all about it when I come back.