First Day in New York City

After a five-hour car drive from Ithaca, we finally arrived at New York City. We checked into the Sheraton Hotel. The room was clean and roomy and the hotel itself was very regal. Also, the location of the hotel was great: it is in the middle of Manhattan so that all the hotspots are walking distance from the hotel. I give it 4.5 stars.

We decided to have dinner at a Korean-American fusion restaurant called Bann. Our favorite celebrity once cooked there so we’d always wanted to visit it, and now was the perfect chance.

On the way, we spotted St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It is beautiful, and it seemed to say to us, “Welcome to NYC!”

We arrived at Bann, finally. It looked exactly the same as it had on TV 2 years ago! The food was spectacular. The varied dishes will please both the palettes of Koreans and Americans. I was happy with how they kept the traditional flavors of Korean food and yet altered the dish so the smells or tastes wouldn’t be too strong for Americans. I particularly liked this dish called Ke Sal Mari (which you can find amongst the other dishes on the online menu here) and which is shown below:

The interior was also quite cute and cozy:

I give this restaurant 1.5 stars on the Michelin scale. The food was spectacular and the staff was friendly and efficient.

After that, we had to retire. What a long day!



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