I’m Free!

Hello, everyone! It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve last visited my blog!… oh wait, it has been, hasn’t it? It’s been five months… and I’m happy to say that my exams are now over and I’m graduating soon! I’m also taking a gap year before I go to college, so I’ll have loads of time to do art and post on my blog. I look forward to taking more care of my blog during that time.

I haven’t finished any showable pieces yet, but I have made an online portfolio, so if you checked that out, I would be very happy. It has some pieces that I haven’t posted on my blog (from my International Baccalaureate exhibition) so I hope you enjoy it!

The link is: http://kristinecho.wix.com/portfolio


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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted… sorry about that. Since it’s Christmas holidays, I hope to catch up and post everything I’ve done recently!

Till then, I hope you enjoy this Christmas drawing that I did the other day. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish it by Christmas day, but since traditionally there were 12 days of Christmas (until January 6), I hope there’s still time to enjoy it:)

Nativity Shepherd

I did this one with Copic markers. The shepherd and the uppermost lamb were based on this drawing: http://terimetts.simplelifeministry.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2012/12/shepherds.jpg

Also, as a Christmas family activity, I first made a coloring book type of outline so that we could all have fun coloring it together. My parents didn’t finish theirs, so I can’t upload theirs, but the outline is below, in case you want to have a go too:)

Nativity Shepherd Outline

Merry Christmas, everyone!


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First Ink Drawing

I had had this idea for a while now, but hadn’t had the time to do it. Also, I didn’t know what materials to use to achieve this effect. After some research and a couple hours’ work, I was able to finish the drawing below:

Ink Portrait

I decided to use ink because that way the colored blots on top wouldn’t affect the black-and-white painting below.

My idea was to strip the person’s identity as much as possible by making a grayscale image (originally, I wanted a silkscreen-like image, with strong areas of contrast, but that failed) and then only show my conscious thought processes of that person using the ink blot. However, I don’t think the portrait was that good, so I don’t consider this a success.

However, I do like the somewhat gloomy image ink gives. Or is that just a result of my style?

School ends in two weeks… goodbye carefree life:)


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Park in Fall

Hello, everyone! I have returned from Japan, and it was an amazingly inspiring trip. After going to several galleries and just being in Japan, I now truly believe that Japan still cultivates a sort of “master mindset”, where perfection is encouraged and sought after. This has inspired me to attain a new perfection in my works too.

I think I’ve been too lenient on myself and just allowed incomplete works to be called “finished” because I wanted to get them over with. Thus inspired, I am now working on a piece that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Unfortunately, with college essays and all, I haven’t had much time to do art (I’ve only started doing the piece yesterday.) So, until that piece is finished, I’d like to show you a few pieces from my long-lost sketchbook.

I had done a few pieces during my time in the U.S. that I hadn’t uploaded, but I had lost my sketchbook upon returning to Singapore. Now that I’ve found it, I’ll upload the pieces I did then.

First up: a watercolor sketch. This piece has been copied from a book, but I can’t remember which book and who it was by.

Park in Fall

Hope you like it!


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Hello, everyone! Yet again, I’m very sorry that I’ve disappeared again for – how long has it been – around a month? It was that period of tension, fear, suspense… yes, you’ve got it, it was exam period again. I know that I had said in my last post that it was all finished, but it turned out that I actually had two left… It’s finally all done now (at least for this year) so now I can do art all summer!

This week’s IF theme was Danger, and so I thought I’d draw this little cartoon down here. I’m actually going on a trip tomorrow, so I thought I’d fix up something quick with my Faber-Castell marker and Copics.

The exam period sure felt like I was running away from a gigantic shark, and I think I succeeded!:)

Swimming away from that shark called bad grades...

Swimming away from that shark called bad grades…

Hope you all have a great summer, and hope to see you soon!


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Happy Monster

Hi, everyone! Well, good news: my final exams are finally finished! I still have school for a month, but I’ll probably (hopefully) have more time to do art.

As soon as my exams had finished, I checked the IF blog to see what they’re theme was. I had no inspiration to draw anything, and IF always helps to revive that art creation spirit in me. I saw that the theme was “Monster” so here’s a little creation I made:


It was just a couple-minute creation, so it’s not that good… but at least I’m back in the zone!

Hope to update you with more art soon.



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Hello everyone! I would like to share with you what I consider one of my greatest achievements as of now… an oil paint self-portrait!

If you’ve noticed, I never upload any photos of myself because… well, I don’t actually know why, but I just don’t. But I decided to draw myself using oil paints. I consider it to be a great achievement because this piece is only my third time using oils, and portraits are extremely difficult. But I think that the final product has been done quite well!

So, without further ado, I would like to show it to you:


I’m very proud of it! And I also took the in-progress photos because I wanted to share the progress with you.

IMG_3562 IMG_3518

I started with a burnt sienna undertone to mark the tonal differences and gradually built it up from there. I’m sure there are tens of layers on this painting, which makes it very rich.

This piece took about three months to complete. Wow. Now that I think about it, that’s a quarter of a year! I’m very happy that I finally have something decent to put on my About Me page:)

Till next time.


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