Animal Crossing Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Here’s a Copic drawing that I actually did last year, when I was still playing the video game Animal Crossing: New Horizons every day (I still do it at least once a week.)

I drew the outline on Affinity Designer and did the coloring using Copic markers.

Happy holidays!




Wow, it’s been over a year since I last posted on this blog…

So much has happened. I graduated college and will be moving to start my graduate school program in the fall!

I haven’t done a ton of art, but here’s one that I finished last week, done with Copics. I actually started working on it in 2019, I think, but stopped because I didn’t like how the fish on the left was going. I think I managed to salvage it though!

Fishes, Blue and Yellow


Colored Christmas Card

Today is the last day of Christmas, and so I’m happy that I’ve colored the Christmas card (somewhat) in time! I meant to do the background in Copics as well, but my B00 ran out while I was doing it, so I completely redid it using Affinity Designer.

christmas card colored

My scanner is strange, so the gray strips on the third bauble are actually purple on paper. I like the gold bauble quite a bit. Although it’s streaky, it actually looks like gold! And the highlights were lighter on paper, so it looked more reflective.

I don’t like the font much, so please let me know if you have recommendations to make it better.

Happy Epiphany!


Peaches on a Cheap Plate

This was done a while back. Around the time when I had bought the new Copic sketchbook, I was wondering what to draw with my Copic markers. I ended up coloring a line art of my backyard shed and drawing some mountains first, but I also saw some ripe peaches on my countertop and thought they would be really nice to draw with the markers, what with their vibrant colors and gradations. I did this shortly before the fall semester started.


I actually think that this is one of my more successful Copic pieces. For one, I drew it from scratch (not that coloring in something from a digital stencil is cheating, but I do need to improve my sketching skills as well). Secondly, I think the blending turned out pretty well.


The Beginning of the World

This year, I thought I’d upload a draft of a picture book that I’ve been working on (as in on-and-off) for roughly two years. It’s about the Book of Genesis and the creation of the world. I don’t particularly like the layout, and I really want to replace the final drawing, but I did want to put it out into the world!

I hope that you like it! Comments would be much appreciated!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can see a PDF version of the book here.


Tree Sketch

I actually sketched this tree around a year ago. I remember that we had just moved (for my college!). I sketched this tree while sitting on the porch of our new house. A lot of our stuff hadn’t yet arrived from Singapore, so I drew this on printing paper with a pen that was available. But it turned out quite well!


It’s kind of funny to think that I drew this before I had started college, and now I’m a second-year student…


Mount Baldy

I go to Pomona College in Claremont, California, and we have the more or less “famous” Mount Baldy. It snows there in the winter, which, from below, looks like powdered sugar.  The church that I go to has a nice view of the mountain, so I took a picture of it after finishing Mass. I had been wondering what to draw with my Copics on my new Copic sketchbook after my renewed interest in that medium, and I thought that the mountains would make a nice subject.

I am posting it here today. This is also the piece that was shown slightly in my post about Copics. To be honest, I am quite unhappy with it. I am very displeased with the trees, and I think that the blue shadows on the foreground mountain (which I did first) do not go well with the rest of the brownish hues. It looked nice when it only had the shadows. Oh well. At least it’s done with.


Here’s a photo before I “ruined it”, although you can start to see that I was filling it out in the bottom-right corner.


Looking at the photo of the finished piece, I suppose it’s not too bad. And practice makes perfect!

Also, I’ve scheduled my posts to go live on Wednesdays every other week at 6am PST. I read that Wednesdays are a good time to post to get traffic and that 9am EST is also a good time. So look forward to that!


Backyard Shed

I posted recently that I’d gotten back into Copic markers and gave a sneak peek of my Copic drawing. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to work on that drawing for a while because I was waiting for the delivery of a new gray marker that I had bought. I will finish it though (eventually)!

I thus finished the one below first. It’s from a photo of a shed in my backyard. I used this website to turn the photo into line art that I could use to color in. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out!


Also, this is the first of a series of scheduled posts that I’ve written. What with the semester starting next month, I wanted to pace myself so that this blog wouldn’t be abandoned yet again. You can expect posts every two weeks for a while. I hope this will help my efforts to resuscitate my blog!


I Like Affinity Designer!

I only realized a while ago that Adobe’s creative products had moved to a subscription-based payment system, even though this change happened years ago. I’m not a full-time artist, and I use Illustrator and Photoshop only once in a while. I thus did not want to pay the monthly or yearly subscription for my casual use. After some research on the internet about good alternatives to Illustrator, I came upon a review about Affinity Designer. And I want to say that this is a great alternative!

I’m not going to give an in-depth and full review, partly because others have reviewed this program already (like this one or this one). But today I wanted to show something that I’ve done with the program. As a fun project, I wanted to redesign the book cover of J.D Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye. I haven’t finished the whole thing, but I have done the typewriter – one part of my design – using Affinity Designer. And here it is!



I used the image from this website to create the typewriter.