Beware, Princess Elizabeth by Carolyn Meyer

Everybody knows how it is like to be growing up, but what if you have to do it whilst being an unfavoured princess? This book is all about Princess Elizabeth’s, Henry VIII daughter’s, life. Although some fictional parts have been added to make it more dramatic, it is relatively accurate. I, for one, learnt a lot about her and the tudor generation, and it came in handy because I am learning it at school! Here’s what it’s about:

Elizabeth, 13, is with her half-brother Edward when the shocking news of her father, Henry VIII’s, death comes. Her beloved Edward, only 9, becomes king, under the ‘guidance’ of his uncle, Seymour. But Edward soon changes, both mentally and physically. His behavior towards his adored half-sister turns cold, and his health slowly diminishes. Soon, he dies of consumption, and Mary, her half-sister who hates her, becomes queen. That is when the trouble begins. Mary tries to turn England back to a Catholic country, even if it means burning protestors. Elizabeth tries to get on the good side of Mary, but in vain. The new queen does everything to get rid of Elizabeth, her enemy: locking her in the Tower, house arresting her… everything short of killing her. Will the battle never end? Will Elizabeth come up in glory? Read to find out!

If you want to learn about the Tudor period, this is the book to read. It tells more about Mary’s reign than Elizabeth’s, but it shows the motives of Elizabeth’s future stubbornness. For the rating, I would give it 7.5 stars. It is an exciting yet informative book to read so I give it that. I recommend it for 12+, since there are some torture effects etc etc. Nevertheless, a beautiful read!



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