Second Day in Paris Disneyland/Arrival in Paris

After encountering lots of wonderful sights and experiences, it’s finally time to go to Paris! I am so excited! Following a little debate between my parents, we decided to go to La Vallee Village. It’s been my mom’s ‘dream’ to go to an outlet shopping mall so, after checking out from the hotel, we drove over there. My dad was a bit pressed for time, so he gave my mom around 1 hour to shop… I know, it’s a bit harsh, but what could we do? While my mom shopped, my dad and I bathed in the sunshine and ate some Italian ice-cream called Gelato, yum yum! The chocolate flavored one was extremely rich and creamy. Sorry, but I couldn’t take any pictures because the camera was with my mom. On that topic, I must make a notice to all mother-shoppers: ALL THE GOOD SHOPS ARE TOWARD THE END OF THE MALL. My mom only realized that later so she had very little time to actually shop. But she did buy some good things! Well, sooner than later, time was up so we packed into the car and drove to Paris.

We arrived in the late afternoon and, after a little hassle with the gate, we went in. As soon as I went in the courtyard, I realized that even a normal apartment could look good in Paris. The cobblestones that overlaid the floors gave off a rich feel and the green door with a brass knocker looked ancient. The elevator inside the building was so cute! Its folding in doors and see-through walls gave of a vintage feel. However, the actual flat was modern to every inch. It looked like any normal house but one could still feel that one was in Paris. I do not know how they achieve that, but a normal piece of furniture could feel fashionable and stylish in that house. Here’s a picture:

Cute, isn’t it? There were loads of paintings and pictures in the apartment: at least one in each room and tons in the hallway. And sorry for the messy pictures, I forgot to take them before I settled in!



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