Never Ending Story by Michael Ende

As my favorite book till recently, this novel is absolutely amazing. I think it was my first thick book, and I loved every moment of it. It’s the reason I started liking books! Since I haven’t finished any book after Granny Was a Buffer Girl, I’ve decided to write a review on this. (Note: I’m reading ‘The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ so look out for it!)

The best fantasy book ever written, this is a must read. I’m not kidding! If you thought Harry Potter was good, you’ve only saw the beginning. This novel introduces all sorts of new characters and reinforces the beauty of the old. I, personally, like the way he says ‘But that is another story and shall be told another time’. 🙂 It lets you imagine! Well, here’s what it’s about:

Bastian, a nervous, fat little boy, after being bullied again at school, steals a book from a an antique bookstore and runs away, hiding in an attic. He reads the book for a whole day and night, not realizing he has become a part of it.

In the book, the Childlike Empress is very ill. Because of this, the Nothing spreads around (or vice versa). To save Fantastica, the Childlike Empress sends Atreyu, a brave warrior boy, to look for a cure.

During his journey, Atreyu meets all sorts of characters, including Morla, the aged one; Uyulala, the being without a form; and Falkor, the white luckdragon, who helps him along the way. He finds out that the Nothing was caused by the lies humans use for power. The only way to save it is to give the Childlike Empress a new name. Bastian calls her ‘Moon Child’ and gets entered into the book.

Bastian then meets her, and she tells him to build Fantastica from scratch. She gives him the pendant AURYN, then vanishes. He creates many places and many people, and meet Atreyu and Falkor, but every time he makes a story, he forgets a memory. Will he make it back to his own world? Read to find out!

Well, as I said, this was my favorite book so I give it 10 stars. Best fantasy book ever!!! I recommend it for ages 10 and above, for it is quite a difficult book. But, nevertheless, a must read!



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