Third Day in Paris

After the wonderful cultural shock of the Louvre, we decided to calm ourselves by visiting the Notre Dame! It’s a beautiful landmark, the title of a classical book, and I think the main object of an opera. On the way, we visited Le Jardin de Tuilleries, as it was right in front of our apartment! Here are a few pictures:

Beautiful, isn’t it? Along the way, we also saw tons of cute shops! Ah~, so adorable and unique!

We ate lunch at Laduree, the petit shop that is famous for macaroons! Originally, we were just going to buy a few cookies and get out, but the lunch looked so delicious…

After the amazing lunch, we continued our way to the Notre Dame. Walking and admiring the view, we were instantly at there! We were supposed to take a bus but forgot all about it! 🙂 The outside decor, the stained glass walls, the numerous statues… So magnifique! I must show you!


Gosh, wish my country had a church like that!!! Well, there it is, the wonderful day of our third day in Paris.



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