Excalibur by Bernard Cornwell

Finally! The last book in the Warlord Trilogy (first two books are The Winter King and Enemy of God)! I was very pleased to see that this book still retained a logical plot and plenty of excitement, a rare thing for the last book in a series. I learnt a lot of facts about Arthur by reading this trilogy. Bernard Cornwell has moved up into my top 5 favorite authors because of his master of writing and the continuous thrill in his stories. The plot is a follows:

After the betrayal of Guinevere, Arthur is left stricken and distraught. He has turned into a cold, harsh leader and his friends are afraid of his rage. Derfel waits for the time when his lord will come back to his old self. But the Saxons do not wait for their enemy to recover: they continue to spread across Britain like a plague. And Mordred and Nimue have become his enemies. Can Arthur recover Britain? Or will it prove to be the end of him? Read to find out!

I loved this book in itself and also in its contribution to the whole trilogy. I’ll give 10 stars for the trilogy itself and 9.5 stars for the book. I totally recommend you to read it! (12+ readers, though, as some parts can be gruesome.) Read read read!



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