Third Day in Belgium

We ate our breakfast at the hotel buffet. It was as good as usual, though the coffee may have been even better!

Today, we just roamed the streets. We went through an alley and found lots of good shops! We bought some clothes for someplace called 2X Cadet. It was nice and I bought a fur jacket. Very chic! Next to that, there was a shoe shop. I bought some ballet flats but there were many more pretty ones. Sorry, but I don’t know the name of the shop. That alley had a nice garden. Very pretty.

We ate at the Plazza. Sorry, but I couldn’t take any pictures. Too busy eating! 🙂 It was quite good, but not that ‘extravagant’, so to speak? So I give it 1 star.

We went home after that, needed rest for tomorrow’s long drive!

What a fun day!


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