The Death Defying Pepper Roux by Geraldine McCaughrean

Carnegie Shortlist

I didn’t know it at first, but Geraldine McCaughrean is actually the author of many of the impression-leaving books I have read: Stop That Train, The Kite Rider and many more. This book is no different. After the first couple of pages, I found that this book strangely reminded me of ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events‘: maybe it was the way the main character, Pepper, had some events in the beginning that was very illogical but seemed to be possible in that book. The plot is different and yet it seems that the flow is similar: it’s like this book is a copy of A Series of Unfortunate Events with the bad parts taken out. For instance, The Death Defying Pepper Roux has the same quirky, adventurous, newness as A Series of Unfortunate Events but does not get boring from trying to be funny and has a nice resolute ending. Here’s what it’s about:

From the day he is born, he is prepared for death by his Aunt. His aunt said that she heard from Saint Constance that he will die before his 14th birthday. So on his 14th birthday, the final day of his living, he decides to outrun fate. And so begins an adventure of a lifetime. But will he really outsmart fate? And how can he run away… Read to find out!

I really liked this book. I get why it’s in the Carnegie Shortlist: it’s full of human insights and it’s also fun for the reader! I give it 9 stars and recommend it for ages 10+. It’s an entertaining book to read.



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