The Crowfield Curse by Pat Walsh

Carnegie Long-List 2011

The line between light and dark, life and death, reality and fantasy is so fine that it is crossed multiple times in a lifetime. This novel mixes all these conflicting elements to produce one thrilling, spine-chilling, hooking wonder. I usually do not like horror, but my friend recommended it so strongly that I was forced to read it… and I’m glad I did.

It is 1347, a cold and dark year for the monasteries of England. William has lived in the Crowfield Abbey ever since a terrible fire killed his family and left him as the only survivor. He is treated almost as a slave, working day and night in return for bed and board. Everything seems to be the same everyday, until, one day, he rescues a hob who knows dark secrets about the abbey. Mysterious visitors come with the past looming about them. And deep in the woods lies something that should never have died…

This book was intriguing and intense. I especially liked the way Pat Walsh slowly revealed all the mysteries so that the reader was always hooked. I give this book 8 stars and recommend it for ages 11+. It is a great suspense and mystery read.



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