Lord of the Flies by William Golding

This book is boring. I admit it gives a ‘new perspective on human nature’ but what’s the point of that if you’re going to say it all in riddles? Tell me what you’re saying! I had to look up the book on Wikipedia to understand lots of things, such as the actual ‘Lord of the Flies’ and ‘a stick sharpened at both ends’. The book is focused more on subtly (too subtly, in my opinion) giving revelations on human behavior and doesn’t care a bit on the plot. If there are any notable qualities in the plot, it was just made to show the savageness of mankind. Here is the plot in a nutshell, explained with only my understanding and with no help from Wikipedia.

When a group of boys, all under 13, crash land onto a deserted island, they don’t know what to do. A boy named Ralph finds a beautiful conch and becomes leader of the group. He is befriended by a boy nicknamed Piggy and he finds an enemy in Jack, the leader of a choir who becomes the hunters of the island. The little boys claim to see a ‘beastie’ but the big boys disclaim that idea as nonsense. The boys soon sustain themselves in a fragile society. But their carefully formed society soon falls apart, and friends turn against each other. Will they get rescued? What will happen when savagery continues? Read to find out!

I admit I did find some interesting things on human nature, but nothing can hide the boring plot, so I’ll give this book 6.5 stars. I recommend for ages 15+ and think that you should read this before your school forces you to so that you’ll have enough time to soak all the facts in.



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