The Princess Bride by William Goldman

As this is my first book review here, I thought I’d start with my favorite book of all: The Princess Bride. This book is a delightful combination of romance, comedy, adventure, and fantasy; basically all the good themes of a novel! William Golding, the author, narrates the book as if the novel was originally a work of S. Morgenstern (actually his plume de nom) and he pretends he abridged it, only putting in the ‘good parts’. Sometimes, he butts into the story, telling the readers why he cut this chapter, why he abridged this paragraph etc etc, giving the funny aspect of the book. Here’s what it’s about in a nutshell, without giving away any spoilers:

In the land of Florin, there was a beautiful lady named Buttercup. The farm boy, Westley, was in love with her and, eventually, Buttercup realized that she, too, was in love with him. However, when Westley goes off to find his fortune, he is captured by the Dreaded Pirate Robert and is presumed dead. Buttercup, heartbroken, agrees to marry Florin’s heir, Prince Humperdinck. But she is captured by three evil villains: Vizzini, the mastermind; Inigo, the Spanish fencer; and Fezzik, the mighty giant, who all want to kill her. A man in black follows their track, beating Inigo in a fencing match, winning against Fezzik, and killing Vizzini in a battle of wits. He announces that he was the Pirate Robert but Buttercup finds out he is actually Westley. However, the Prince finds them and separates them, taking back Buttercup and capturing Westley. Will the pair reunite? Will they defeat the Prince in his evil ways? Read to find out!

As I said, this book is my favorite and therefore I might be biased in my rating. Nevertheless, I give this book 10 stars!!! Yep, it’s that good. I would recommend it for all ages over … let’s see … 9. There are some difficult words for young kids so I put it at that age but anybody over that should be just fine! Just remember to go to the toilet first, for if you start it, you can’t put it down!



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