Final Inkling

This is part three of my avatar project, which was actually quite easy to do!

Mediocre Splatoon 2.jpg



Splatoon Inkling Template

I don’t think that this is very characteristic of the “me” on this blog, but I’m actually quite a gamer. For the past half-year or so, I’ve been really into a game called “Splatoon 2”, which is played on the Nintendo Switch. So much so, in fact, that I’ve made my own YouTube channel about it! I’m quite unpredictable.

I wanted to make my own avatar, so I made this template on Affinity Designer. I then planned on coloring it with Copics (as usual) and then doing the background digitally.Youtube Profile Pic.jpg

My semester starts on Tuesday, and unlike last semester, I don’t have posts lined up! So, I am going to “cheat” and divide this project into three parts. The next post will be the colored version, and the one after that will be the final one with the background. That should keep this blog busy for a month or so!

Also, I am taking an art class next semester, so hopefully that’ll give me something to post!


Anime Coloring Revised

Last night, I thought I was finished with my manga. But when I looked at it again this morning, I realized there were a lot of details unfinished! I feel a bit bad posting the (almost) same thing twice, but I’d just like to show my revised version of the manga I posted yesterday without deleting the unfinished version.

Snow princess color rev.

I added a bit of detail to the tiara, fixed some of the uncolored parts, added (invisible) eyelashes, cleaned up the eyes, made the flow of the hair more natural, and added some texture to the snow. The image still looks almost the same as the last one, though.



Photoshop Coloring: Anime

I found a photo of an unfinished manga sketch, which I have since lost the original sketch of. Since I am so infatuated with Photoshop these days, I thought, why not try doing digital coloring for once? I’d tried it a couple of times before and had failed miserably, but I thought this time would be better due to my fixed tablet. The result is this:

Snow princess colored

Considering I’ve learnt all the coloring techniques from YouTube, I don’t think this is a bad first effort, don’t you? I should fix my outlines, though. If you have any tips with that, please do comment below!

The image is inspired by Kamikaze Factory’s Shojo Manga: Pop and Romance.



Unfortunately due to lots of work, I was unable to post this in time for the Illustration Friday deadline. Nevertheless, I thought I’d upload this old manga drawing here because I’ve not posted something in a long time. I shall make sure to post something for this week!