Witch Week by Diana Wynne Jones

In my opinion, Diana Wynne Jones is one of the best fantasy writers in the world. Her books always have that important element of mystery and her characters all have that unique yet comfortable feel about them. This book is just like that. I have heard that this book is the third a series (Chrestomanci series) so I look forward to read the rest. Although it got a bit boring in the middle (as it kept going around and around with no improvement) it turned out to be very fun. Here’s what it’s about:

In an alternate Earth, witches are everywhere yet magic is banned. People are burned at the stake, and no one is really safe. So when a note appears at Mr. Crossley’s table saying ‘Someone in this class is a witch’, he is terrified. For this is Larwood house, the boarding school for witch orphans. At this time, two unpopular students, Nan Pilgrim and Charles Morgan, find that they themselves can do magic! And so begin a series of funny and magical events that will change their lives forever.

As said earlier, this book is fun at the beginning and end (particularly at the end) but sags a bit in the middle. Just bear with it and you will find that it is completely enjoyable. Trust me. There are lots of twists and turns too! Therefore, I give it 7.3 stars. I would recommend it for ages above 9, because there are a few difficult concepts to understand. This is a book that will enchant you!



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