Hello, everyone! Yet again, I’m very sorry that I’ve disappeared again for – how long has it been – around a month? It was that period of tension, fear, suspense… yes, you’ve got it, it was exam period again. I know that I had said in my last post that it was all finished, but it turned out that I actually had two left… It’s finally all done now (at least for this year) so now I can do art all summer!

This week’s IF theme was Danger, and so I thought I’d draw this little cartoon down here. I’m actually going on a trip tomorrow, so I thought I’d fix up something quick with my Faber-Castell marker and Copics.

The exam period sure felt like I was running away from a gigantic shark, and I think I succeeded! šŸ™‚

Swimming away from that shark called bad grades...
Swimming away from that shark called bad grades…

Hope you all have a great summer, and hope to see you soon!



Happy Monster

Hi, everyone! Well, good news: my final exams are finally finished! I still have school for a month, but I’ll probably (hopefully) have more time to do art.

As soon as my exams had finished, I checked the IF blog to see what they’re theme was. I had no inspiration to draw anything, and IF always helps to revive that art creation spirit in me. I saw that the theme was “Monster” so here’s a little creation I made:


It was just a couple-minute creation, so it’s not that good… but at least I’m back in the zone!

Hope to update you with more art soon.



Sleeping… Relaxing

So, I’ve realized it’s been forever since I last uploaded something for Illustration Friday, and I felt really guilty about it, and it’s my week-long holidays, so I decided to… post an old illustration for the theme. Well, it’s better than nothing, right?


This was actually a picture for a massage coupon I made for my dad, done on Adobe Illustrator.

Hope you’re all having a nice spring break!


Jack-o-Lantern Puppet

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you’re all having nice chills and spooks celebrating wherever you are.

I realized that I had not posted an Illustration Friday themed post in ages, so I thought I’d do so today. This week’s theme: Puppets.


It was just a quick five-minute thing done straight from the computer, so please excuse its extremely awful proportions, stance, etc.

Happy Halloween!


The Lonely King

So, now that unpacking is over (which was a hard and dusty process, believe me), I can finally use my Wacom tablet! I’ve missed you, my precious, over the seven long, hard months with using the mouse. My friend HPE24 (you can see her portfolio on this link) is a master of digital drawing, and so I was inspired by her to draw – drumroll, please – only using the tablet! No sketches, no underdrawing, nothing. Only my tablet and Photoshop. Here’s how it turned out!

Blue Man


I have no idea why I came up with this drawing. Somehow, I just had this image of a wineglass fixed in my headā€¦

And I know he has no crown, but I think he kind of relates to this week’s IF theme: King. What a lonely king of the world.



Thanks to my amazing cousin, I have finally learned how to use the pen tool in Illustrator. It’s strange, I know, that in all my years of using Illustrator, I’ve never once used the pen tool! But now that I know how to use it, I absolutely love it. I tried a few random curves and came up with the inspiration to do this. It also matches with the IF theme: Repeat.

Pen Characters




I’ve just come back from a trip to Los Angeles! It was really amazing: the weather was perfect, the sights were spectacular, and the people were so friendly! I’ll post at leastĀ someĀ pictures sometime later this week (I’ve given up promising to write travel guides).

In the meantime, however, I looked at IF’s theme: Revenge. For no reason whatsoever, I came up with the illustration below. I don’t know why I thought of it. Blame the jetlag. It’s 2:47 a.m. in the middle of the night and I still can’t go to sleep! Aargh!


I tried using some perspective for the woman’s legs. It didn’t turn out too well (neither did the arms), but I’ll also blame the jetlag for that.

Did you get the pun in the title? I went on a trip, the guy is tripping the womanā€¦ yeah, I’m not good at jokes. Especially at this time.

Goodnight! (I hopeā€¦)


Green Pumpkins

After buying pastels, I remembered that the only time I’d used them was for a quick sketch of an imaginary (and almost unidentifiable) field of flowers. I thought it was time to use them for a ‘real’ sketch.

My comfort zone seems to lie in natural objects so I decided to draw a fruit or vegetable. There was only this pumpkin in the kitchen so I managed to steal it before my mom ate it. And, here it is:


I really like pastels! It’s like charcoal, but with color! I did this piece in several layers using fixative and it gives a nice noise effect, like on Photoshop. This also coincides with IF’s theme: Natural. I have a lot of natural pieces but I’ll just upload the most recent. Too bad I can’t upload multiple entries; I would have liked to share my GCSE work.

I would love to hear some pastel tips from you masters. šŸ™‚ Please comment below!


The Color Red

I was assigned to do the color challenge: by using only colors and brushstrokes, I must portray an emotion. My first task was portraying “anger”, upon which I came up with the painting below:


Anger first comes in hot bursts of passion and is followed by dark grief and evil, which ultimately overpowers the fervor that first appeared. After, static lights fuzz the memory of the anger, and only the emotion is left.

I realized that the main color of this painting was red, which is IF’s theme. What a nice coincidence!


The Beginning

While checking my blog, I realized it had been quite a while since I’ve done anything for IF! Shocked, I immediately went to the IF homepage, checked their themeā€¦ and forgot about it.

However, I have joined the group 1hour1sketch on Twitter (which is a bit like IF, except there’s a time limit of 1 hour and it’s daily) and drew a quick sketch for it. I then saw that I could reuse the sketch and edit it to fit this week’s theme for IF: Space. Here it is!



Linked to the Book of Genesis:

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void, and the darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.

And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. And God saw that the light was good.

I did the background in Photoshop and the hands on paper in ink. I was so happy to do inking for the first time! Recently, I bought a Faber-Castell Artist Marker and used that for the first time. I’m very happy with it. Here’s the original inked sketch: