Bit of Brussels/Arrival in Paris Disneyland

Oh dear! It’s our last day in Belgium! With a sad heart, we said goodbye to little Hasselt. After a little research, we decided to go to Grote Markt, a very big street square. We drove for one hour to the capital, Brussels. Before, I thought that Brussels was a small place; not very popular and quiet. But I was wrong. The sights alone are enough to overcome you. There are shops all around the streets and grand buildings – palaces, I think – that stand tall. We found a little restaurant (sorry, I don’t know what it’s called) that’s specialty was mussels! We ate some and they were just absolutely de-li-cious. They melt in your mouth! I can see why people like ‘Mussels in Brussels’. There was one in tomato sauce and one in wine sauce. Here are some pictures:

YUM YUM YUM! Even though we just ordered that, it was enough to fill your belly! Here’s the view we enjoyed whilst eating:

I totally give this restaurant 2 stars. Absolutely amazing!

After eating, we decided to survey the shops! We saw a chocolate one called La Belgium Gourmande. Lots of Belgium chocolate! Here’s a picture:

I am a snow globe collector, so I searched and found a souvenir shop. There are lots of things to buy there, including globes! I bought 2, something I rarely do, because I couldn’t choose!

Of course, if you go to Belgium, you must see the Mannekin Pis, and we did. It wore clothes (apparently it does in September) and it was adorable! Here are some pictures:

We ate some waffles whilst admiring the statue. It is said to be a must eat! They were really delicious, and I can see why it is so popular. Here’s a picture:

We headed back to the car and drove to Paris Disneyland. It’s a cute hotel with a cute room. The room service is fantastic and the food is too. I fainted on my bed.

What a nice day!


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