Revolver by Marcus Sedgwick

A… um… compelling… um… story about… oh, I give up! It’s one of the most boring, weird books I’ve read in my whole life, and that’s probably very boring and weird if it’s coming from me, the person who likes all books. I mean, I almost died of boredom. I can’t believe it was long-listed for the Carnegie Medal last year!!! What is wrong with the judges?! I had to skip chapters and chapters just to make myself read it. Sure, it gets a bit exciting towards the end… if ‘exciting’ means grotesque and bloody! Since you probably want to know exactly how bad it is, I’ll tell you the basic summary of this horrific book.

Sig is alone in a cold shack with the corpse of his frozen father. His sister and stepmother have gone into town to get help. Suddenly, a menacing stranger appears at the doorstep, demanding the gold he says his father stole from him. Sig must decide whether to use violence, against his mother’s teaching, and use the old revolver left by his father or whether to go with his mother’s advice and risk death by waiting…

Believe me, all this sounds way more exciting than it actually is. I know that intensity and ‘meaning’ is an important factor in writing a book, but you can’t publish one with just that. Therefore, I give it around 5 stars. That’s more than it deserves. I’ll recommend it for ages 13+? Although I don’t think anyone should be forced to read such a book as this.



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