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My college moved to online classes last month (a decision that I wholeheartedly agree with!), and I had this idea of making an online office hours platform to facilitate social interactions and just make people a bit happier. I’ve given up on the actual idea, since I’ve realized that it’s super hard to make an online multiplayer game, but I had already made some character designs, which I want to show you today.


Stay safe, everyone!



A Little Update

My semester is over, and I have officially finished my second year of college! It’s a bit scary, actually, as I really like college and don’t want it to end… But it’s also exciting!

I still have a few paintings from my watercolor class that I haven’t uploaded yet, so you’ll see those for a while. I’m also working on another scientific poster, because I think that was my favorite project from that class and there was an object that I really wanted to paint.

On another note, I’m going off to do an internship next month, and I’m not sure if I’ll have time to do art! Hopefully I will, but I’m planning on scheduling a few posts to keep me covered in the meantime.

Look forward to more watercolor posts!


Splatoon Inkling Template

I don’t think that this is very characteristic of the “me” on this blog, but I’m actually quite a gamer. For the past half-year or so, I’ve been really into a game called “Splatoon 2”, which is played on the Nintendo Switch. So much so, in fact, that I’ve made my own YouTube channel about it! I’m quite unpredictable.

I wanted to make my own avatar, so I made this template on Affinity Designer. I then planned on coloring it with Copics (as usual) and then doing the background digitally.Youtube Profile Pic.jpg

My semester starts on Tuesday, and unlike last semester, I don’t have posts lined up! So, I am going to “cheat” and divide this project into three parts. The next post will be the colored version, and the one after that will be the final one with the background. That should keep this blog busy for a month or so!

Also, I am taking an art class next semester, so hopefully that’ll give me something to post!


Tree Sketch

I actually sketched this tree around a year ago. I remember that we had just moved (for my college!). I sketched this tree while sitting on the porch of our new house. A lot of our stuff hadn’t yet arrived from Singapore, so I drew this on printing paper with a pen that was available. But it turned out quite well!


It’s kind of funny to think that I drew this before I had started college, and now I’m a second-year student…


Catch Up

Since a lot has changed since my last post, I thought I’d give a little overview of what’s happened.

  • I finally moved from Singapore to California! After living in Singapore for so long, it was a bit sad leaving, but now I’m in California!
  • I met my grandparents in Korea and gave them a couple of my acrylic paintings that I posted here.
  • And I’ve started college!

I’m taking one design course, which is good because I’m awful at making posters and designs, and I really enjoy it! Here’s one of my projects on color:

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.54.10 AM.png