Second Day in Belgium

After a deep, deep sleep, we woke up to a nice, crisp morning in Hasselt, Belgium. We headed downstairs to the hotel buffet and it was really good! There were all sorts of different foods (all served hot and fresh) and it introduced a lot of Belgium food. The sausages were amazing and the fruits were quite yummy too. Also, the interior was pretty and gave a homey feel. Check it out!

Therefore, I give this buffet 2.5 stars.

Later, we decided to tour the city a bit. We asked at the counter and the lady said that there was a ‘shopping road’ near the hotel, at walking distance. We made our way down there and, I must confess, it certainly is a shopping road! There are lots of shops (mostly clothing or brands) but there was this one chocolate store that was extremely yummy! It’s called ‘Neuhaus’ and they have all sorts of chocolates in all sorts of flavors! Quite nice. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take any pictures. Sorry! Also, there was this market so we went in. Lots of yummy fruit! We bought a Spanish melon (delicious beyond belief), some strawberries (amazingly soft), and some walnuts. Here’s a picture of the walnuts:

Well, the counter lady at the hotel had said that there was this nice restaurant somewhere around there and, as it was lunchtime, we went there. It’s called the ‘Blue Olive’ and it was amazing! Here are a few pictures:

I ordered the Lunch Platter and it was very nice. But, the interesting thing is, they serve the soup in a huge cup! I liked that the best (it was broccoli) but I also liked the salmon sandwich. It was petite but quite yummy.

Well, after that delicious lunch, we headed home. After resting a bit, we went down again and found a nice restaurant called ‘De Goei Goesting’. Here are a few pictures:

Even the kiddy platter was good! Oh, and they also have this service where you can order many ‘tasters’ (which is a lot!) which costs less. My dad ordered beer (famous) and he said it was very good. Therefore I give this restaurant 2.5 stars.

We went home after that wonderful trip. Great day!

What a satisfying day!


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