Finding Violet Park by Jenny Valentine

I had been looking for this book for a long time. Jenny Valentine is one of my favorite authors so it seemed wrong that I should not read it. I read this after Ostrich Boys, and I was surprised to find that this, too, was about an urn. I was very disappointed in Keith Gray, as I had found his incorporation of an urn in the story unique. On the other hand, the story plots were very different, so I cannot say that it is a copy. The story goes as follows:

Lucas Swain, a 15-year old boy (whose father is either dead or has bolted), is living his life normally until, one day, he walks into a taxi-cab office and meets Violet. Well, he doesn’t really meet her, but he finds her ashes in an urn on a dusty shelf. He is determined to give her peace. But as he finds out more about her, he realizes she is more entangled in his life than he thought. And he might get answers that he doesn’t want…

Once again, Jenny Valentine has managed to write an insightful, well mixed book of broken families and mystery. I give it 8 stars and recommend it for ages 12+.



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