Text Game by Kate Cann

I’m usually not that interested in reading very quick-reads. In fact, you could say I’m prejudiced: long books=good, short books=bad. However, this book changed my perspective of things. It made me realize that thin books can be good! That’s why I’m glad I read it. The author says at the beginning of the book that she thinks texting will never get old, and I agree with her. I suppose that’s why I got hooked into this book in the first place: because we had something in common. Well, instead of me blabbing on and on, here’s what it’s about:

Mel, a teenage girl, can’t believe she’s going out with the handsome, gorgeous Ben. Things are going smoothly until, one day, she receives a text message from the mysterious Gloria, saying that Ben is cheating on her! Her best friend, Lisa, advises her to tell Ben about it, but Mel can’t, for what if it’s true? Instead she tries to ignore it, but the messages keep on coming, and doubts about her boyfriend begin to grow. Will her relationship work out? Will Mel reveal the truth? Read to find out!

This is a bit different from most coming-of-age books, as it has more complex problems than normal books. Nevertheless, a fun… novel, shall we say? I give it 7.5 stars and recommend it for ages, let’s see… 13+? Yep, that’ll do. Since it’s about relationships, younger kids might not know/care about it. A good read if you’re a reluctant reader or such.



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