Unhooking the Moon by Gregory Hughes

Carnegie Long-List 2011

I don’t know why some authors feel compelled to ruin their perfectly good books with bad endings, but they do. This book is especially like that. It started off quaint and pleasantly, with a good homey atmosphere and a dash of quirkiness in between. Then it got into the style of a road trip, a definite winner of a medal as it shows the humanity of people. In fact, I was already preparing to write a wonderful review for it! But the last three or four chapters totally destroyed this novel. The ending is VERY disappointing and unresolved and leaves the reader wondering why they ever started the book. Some call it ‘bittersweet‘; I call it plain mean. It’s not even sad, but instead leaves the book hanging with no hope of ever coming down. Why do people read books? I’ll tell you why: to purge themselves. I’m not asking the authors to make a happy ending, I’m asking them to make one resolute. It can be sad as long as it’s finished, the end, no questions. There can be wondering later on, but at least one knows that the story is finished and can be satisfied with that. More can be told just by saying how good it was before the ending, so the main plot is as follows:

Bob is a normal Winnipeg boy: he has friends, he gets average grades… and he is the brother of the eccentric girl named Rat. The Rat is actually, in a sense, crazy. She likes Native legends, can recognize an angel when she sees one, and is always on the watch out for paedophiles- who she hates with a burning passion. (My Note: *Sigh* I should’ve known from the first time I heard that word!). When their beloved father dies and they are left with no one to look after them, the prospect of going into a home looms near. Their only known relative is their long-lost uncle, of which they know nothing about except that he is a drug dealer and that he lives in New York. The Rat drags Bob into finding him, and so begins an adventure they’ll never forget…

I am very disappointed and at a loss for words so I shall just give the rating. I give it 3 stars and recommend it for teenagers. Though I don’t recommend it to anybody. If you are planning on reading this, I suggest finding something else to do.



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