Pastworld by Ian Beck

Carnegie Long-List 2011

Slightly unrealistic and quite disturbing, this book was a bit disappointing for me. The idea of ‘a theme park in the future recreating the past’ was more exciting than the book itself. I felt unconnected to the characters – an important aspect that is missing in this book – and the whole theme of the book was featured more on a certain story than the idea of Pastworld. Here’s what it’s about:

It is 2042 and the whole of London has been turned into a living, breathing recreation theme park of the Victorian times, called Pastworld. It is the perfect getaway for the stifling strictness of the outside world. Some residents, such as Eve, have lived in Pastworld their whole lives, and think Sherlock Holmes and Great Expectations are new literature. Others, like Caleb, come from the outside to enjoy the thrill of adventure. But although everything is seemingly artificial, a very real killer is on the loose, in which Caleb and Eve will find their lives intertwined…

Although this book was tense enough for me to read without boredom, I felt something lacking in it. Emotion? Plot? Persuasiveness? I’m not sure. However, I do recommend this book to those of you who are looking for a book to no avail, since this one will surely fill up your time. I give this book 7 stars and recommend it for ages 11+.



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