13 Secrets by Michelle Harrison

After the unsuccessful adventure of retrieving her brother from the fairy realm, Rowan is now living happily at Elvesden Manor. That is, until the Coven – a changeling dealing organization that she had previously joined – forces her to help them with a changeling mission one last time. But this time danger lurks like never before, and the members of the Coven are meeting with a significant ending that links with the 13 treasures, one by one. Will Rowan be able to solve the mysteries of their death? And what will happen if she can’t?

This is the final book in the 13 Treasures Trilogy. I’ve read all the books in the trilogy and I believe that 13 Secrets was the perfect ending. In fact, it was the best book of them all. The mass murder theme was very entertaining, though quite predictable.

Also, to my great disappointment, I found a few holes in the plot. Minor things, but still quite bothering. For instance, Tanya is told to cast a certain spell herself because if someone else does it, the spell will not work. However, she happily gives the job of casting the spell to someone else and the spell works perfectly. Strange.

Also, the ending seemed hurried. Without giving away the plot, I’ll just say that one of the ‘deaths’ of the members of the Coven seemed insufficiently cruel compared to the other members’ deaths. Perhaps the author ran out of ideas, I don’t know, but I do know that it brought down the quality of the book a bit.

However, the plot was so exciting and enchanting that these mistakes did not occur to me until I had long finished the plot. I will still strongly urge people to read this book.

The trilogy on a whole was entertaining and captivating. The author managed to make the books link without leaving a cliffhanger on the previous book, which is a great accomplishment.

All in all, I give this book 9 stars. I think it would have been able to get a 9.5 if only it hadn’t had those problems I’d mentioned above. 9 stars, nevertheless, is a great ranking.



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