Man with Laundry

My grandmother is writing a collection of short stories about her childhood and travels. I liked the one about a man with an A-frame who did the laundry when she was young. And so I drew it.

Man with Laundry

I gave this to my grandmother, who is currently visiting us. I’m glad that she liked it.



The Beginning of the World

This year, I thought I’d upload a draft of a picture book that I’ve been working on (as in on-and-off) for roughly two years. It’s about the Book of Genesis and the creation of the world. I don’t particularly like the layout, and I really want to replace the final drawing, but I did want to put it out into the world!

I hope that you like it! Comments would be much appreciated!

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You can see a PDF version of the book here.


Tree Sketch

I actually sketched this tree around a year ago. I remember that we had just moved (for my college!). I sketched this tree while sitting on the porch of our new house. A lot of our stuff hadn’t yet arrived from Singapore, so I drew this on printing paper with a pen that was available. But it turned out quite well!


It’s kind of funny to think that I drew this before I had started college, and now I’m a second-year student…


Sea Cliff Drawing

Hi, all! I wanted to show you one of my recent completed pen and watercolor drawings. It took a really long time, but I think it was worth it! Here are the process photos:


I can’t believe it’s already been three months since I last posted… I’ll try to upload more frequently from now on!

I’m off to Melbourne tonight, so I may post some photos when I get back!

Comments are appreciated as always!


More Pen Drawings

I found that I really enjoyed drawing in pen, so I tried sketching a bit more by myself. Since I’d started with drawing birds, I thought I would continue drawing them, so that I could build up my confidence. Here are the two sketches that I did:

Bird Drawing I Bird Drawing II

I much prefer the second drawing that I did, because the highlights are more obvious. The reference photo of the second drawing is:

I also drew the first drawing from a photo, but I can’t find the original photo right now. I’ll upload the link later.

Look forward to more pen drawing posts in the future! I already have a couple lined up that are ready to post.


Pen Drawing of Bird

My art teacher (who is absolutely fantastic) told me that I have an illustration style – which I agree with completely – and that I should try pen drawings. This is the first one I did, which I did with her help and guidance.

I’m extremely happy with it! I’m doing a couple of sketches by myself, and will keep you posted about my progress.


Cornell Clock Tower – Pen Sketch

After wonderful encouragement from fellow bloggers, I’ve finally finished my first ever pen sketch. It turned out much better than I thought it would be. So before I continue with this post, I’d like to thank judywatson, delacybrown, and all others for giving me great advice and warm encouragement. Thank you!

The hatching is still slightly messy, but I love the overall effect of the pen. It’s just so… cool! And here it is:


And some previous sketching in preparation:


I’m so happy to have finally done a pen sketch! The picture is from this Wikipedia page.

And thanks once again to all of you who have given me tips and encouragement. I couldn’t have done this without you!


Patterned Line Drawing

As a continuation from my last post, I used the shapes from my previous charcoal drawing to create a new piece. I first sketched the randomly placed objects and then traced everything with a Pilot Fineliner. Then, I filled everything with patterns, putting different patterns where the shapes overlapped. Voila:

Line Drawing


My main inspirations came from Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles, but I used some Greek and Egyptian references too when I ran out of ideas.

This is also the first time I outlined anything in pen! At first I was very nervous, but I soon got used to it. However, I still believe my lines are quite wobbly. Any tips on how to outline in pen would be much appreciated! Please comment below.