The Double Life of Cassiel Roadnight by Jenny Valentine

Carnegie Long-List 2011

With mystery, suspense, and thriller all packed into one marvelous combination, this book is an irresistible novel written by Jenny Valentine. Last year, one of her books, The Ant Colony, also made it into the Carnegie long-list but – sadly – did not win the medal. But this year I think the tide will turn. Not only is this book appealing to the audience, it also will win favor with the judges due to its observations on human nature. It is a very strong competitor for the Carnegie medal.

All anybody wants is a loving family, so when a fugitive teenager takes on the identity of missing boy Cassiel Roadnight, he believes that everything he ever wished for has come true. The family that Cassiel left behind is perfect. But one small mistake can blow his whole cover and ruin everything, so he takes care to protect this dream come true. Yet something dark is hidden underneath the mask of a flawless family. What secrets lie beneath the surface? And what will happen when they are uncovered? Read to find out!

This is an amazing suspense novel that doesn’t let it’s grip on you loosen for even a second. Totally superb. I give it 9.5 stars and hope that it wins the medal. I recommend it for ages 13+, as some parts can be a bit intense. A must read!



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