Prisoner of the Inquisition by Theresa Breslin

Carnegie Short-List 2011

I’ve learnt so much about Spain during the Holy Inquisition after reading this book. Up till then, the only thing I knew about religious stake burning tactics were the witch trials in England. This book has broadened my knowledge and made me aware of many historical events. Here’s what it’s about:

Zarita is the only daughter of a powerful magistrate in Las Conchas and is much loved by her parents. Saulo is a the son of a family reduced by circumstances to begging. Both of their lives are going relatively well, until their paths are suddenly brought together, ruining both lives. Saulo is sent off as a slave to sea, and vows revenge on Zarita’s family. Zarita faces the challenges of a new life with her stepmother. And amidst all these troubles, the Holy Inquisition is brewing its evil plans…

I really loved reading this book and I think I can guess why it’s in the short-list. It’s educational, exciting, and touching all at the same time! Therefore, I give it 9 stars and recommend it for ages 13+. It’s a great book to read.



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