Gesture Drawing

Now that it’s finally summer break, I can get to painting the things I’d wanted to (look out for those posts in the future!) and also actually post things on this poorly abandoned blog! I’d managed to do some gesture drawing during winter break and on the weekends, so here’s a little collection of them:


Hope to see you more in the future!



Current school work

So right now, we’ve started getting on with our personalized school projects in full. However, before that, we studied a bit of the more technical parts of drawing – which I don’t mind, to be honest: though it’s not “fun”, I think it’s “essential” to becoming a “good” artist (note all the quotation marks there). I thought I’d post a little bit of my sketchbook to show you what I had been doing:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I quite liked it, but now I’m enjoying doing my own project even more! Quite exciting to have no restrictions whatsoever. I’ll post more on that too later on.

Till then!


The Future (or past…?)

Well, unlike as promised, I could not do something for Illustration Friday last week. Sincere apologies for that. And instead of making up for it like I should, I have an announcement to make: I will not be able to post anything for the next two weeks minimum. I’m very sorry, but it is test time! Hopefully IF will make a topic that I already have a drawing of, in which case I can just upload it. But otherwise, I will not be able to post. 😦

For this week, however, I’ve managed to doodle this week’s theme: Future. The drawing below is done with colored pencils. I know that it looks more like a ‘past’ drawing (especially when noting the flag…) but let us pretend that it is some other planet.



Till next time! And, again, sorry for the break!


Wild Horse

Apologies for not posting last week. I had, in fact, an old drawing that matched the IF theme ready to post, but totally forgot about it. This week, however, is different.

Here is a very old sketch (drawn when I was about 6 years old?) that fits this week’s theme: Wild. The photograph is a bit out of focus, as it was an old camera, but I hope it is still viewable.


It is quite amazing to see how much I’ve improved at drawing! Look at these horrendous proportions and shading skills!