Goldkeeper by Sally Prue

Sorry for the unprofessional photo: all the other photos on Google were too small so I needed to take my own picture

This book is a funny, exciting book with no deep message – a kind of book I haven’t read in a long time. Although it’s not exactly fantasy nor completely an adventure type of book, it’s unexpectedly addicting, and I look forward to reading her other books, or even a sequel to this one! Here’s what it’s about:

In this world, the greatest honor for a young boy is to be chosen as the High Priest’s Apprentice, and to spend the rest of his life in the temple of Ora. Only the best pupils are appointed, so everyone is shocked when Sebastian, the rebel, is picked. He isn’t too excited at first but he soon warms up to the task when he discovers he can have everything he wants: endless cream cakes, a special mini playground for his pet rat Gerald and visits to the reptile zoo. He can even turn the sacred offering ceremony into a glitzy extravaganza for everyone to enjoy! But he keeps having narrow escapes – he barely misses explosions and heavy things ‘happen’ to fall near him. Could there be a plot against him? And is the temple more than meets the eye? Read to find out!

This book is an action-packed, joke-filled book and I could hardly put it down! I highly recommend it for people who are starting to come a bit off books, as this will help them like it again! Therefore, I give it 8.9 stars. Sorry for the really weird rating, but it’s too good for a 8.5 and a bit light for a 9. I’ll give the age recommendation for 9+, as I think it’s good for kids. It might take a while to read, but it’s worth it.



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