Bullet Journal

I’ve decided to take a break from posting my drawings this week and instead show you one of my new “hobbies”: bullet journaling.

You might have heard of this relatively recent trend. If not, to explain it briefly, it’s about making your own planner using a blank notebook. This website explains it pretty comprehensively, and this website is the bullet journal’s homepage (yes, it even has it’s own website).

So today, I wanted to show you my own bullet journal! I started it last August and started using a new journal this February. Here’s a peek into my new journal.

Here’s also a peek into my old bullet journal. You can see how much I’ve improved aesthetically.

Comment below if you have a bullet journal yourself!



Gingerbread Cookies

Every year, near Christmastime, I’ve wanted to make gingerbread cookies. They’re like the (cookie) symbol of Christmas! Sadly, though, I live in the most humid country on this planet, so even if I did make them, they would become soggy in about an hour so I didn’t even bother. However, this year, I’ve convinced my mom to make some with me! This is how they turned out, and they were delicious! 🙂


Christmas already?!

It is once again December, the time of jingle bells, frosted trees and presents! No, not presents (saying it blatantly means I’m greedy: I must say it subtly like everyone else), more a celebration of the thanksgiving of the birth of Christ and a time to spend with friends and family. Especially family. I’ve started making decorations with my mom and the house is filled with nutcrackers, santa dolls and red and green decorations. Christmas songs on an old record are playing all day. It is a time of happiness and cheer. If only the tiniest snowflake would land on my windowsill and melt away… how I would be happy. But until the time comes that global warming makes it possible for it to snow on the equator, I shall have to content myself with painting the windows white. It might not wash off but, well, that’s a bridge I’ll cross later, right? Right? All right then! Time to go holiday shopping!

And here are the wonderful decorations (some made, some bought):


P.S. Will add pictures of decorations later. When it is all done, of course.

Daisy’s Birthday

Birthdays are always special occasions, whether it’s your friend’s, your parents’ or even your dog’s! To celebrate Daisy’s 3rd year of living, my mom and I made a fabric dog house for her! You see, my mom got a sewing machine for Christmas so she was desperate to make something with it. By chance, we found an unused table and thought that it would be nice to transform it into something usable. We painted it white, bought some cute fabric which we ‘quilted’, secured it, and voila! A cute little house for Daisy. Here’s the result:

Cute, isn’t it? Unfortunately, she hasn’t got used to sleeping in it yet and still takes naps under the bed. She does sleep in it at night (as it’s the only warm place to sleep) but she only does at that time. But it all changed yesterday! I was looking for her so that I could play with her and I just chanced to look in the direction of her house… and there she was sleeping peacefully! Bravo! I hurriedly took a picture. She woke up at the sound of the camera clicking, but at least she’s getting used to it. Here’s that picture of her:

Sweet dreams!