First Day in Paris Disneyland

Woke up to a nice morning and ready for a day of fun! We went down to the buffet downstairs to eat breakfast but I must say it was a bit disappointing. That might be because I couldn’t forget the amazing buffet in Belgium, and I suppose it’s an average buffet. The interior was nice, though. Therefore, I give it 1 star. Oh! I just remembered! I didn’t rate the hotel! Well, I give it 4 stars. Here’s a picture of the cute lobby:

We then headed off to Paris Disneyland. Apparently, one can either go there by bus (around 5 minutes) or call a taxi with a personal driver to the lobby. We called the taxi and arrived in record timing.

In my opinion, the rides, although fun, are similar to the ones in the original Disneyworld. However, the original thing about it was the shops. Most of them are original tourist ones, but some are totally elegant and fancy! Those kinds are located inside the castle. It’s a definite must-go. One shop that I went to was a glass shop that sells figurines made of glass! It was amazing. I bought a ballerina and an Eeyore figure. Here are some pictures of Disney Land:

We headed back to the hotel for the buffet, as the restaurants in Disney Land were all fully packed. The buffet was quite good and all so I do recommend it. Wonderful day!



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