Bullet Journal

I’ve decided to take a break from posting my drawings this week and instead show you one of my new “hobbies”: bullet journaling.

You might have heard of this relatively recent trend. If not, to explain it briefly, it’s about making your own planner using a blank notebook. This website explains it pretty comprehensively, and this website is the bullet journal’s homepage (yes, it even has it’s own website).

So today, I wanted to show you my own bullet journal! I started it last August and started using a new journal this February. Here’s a peek into my new journal.

Here’s also a peek into my old bullet journal. You can see how much I’ve improved aesthetically.

Comment below if you have a bullet journal yourself!


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Animal Pastel Drawing

While shopping at an art store a while ago, I saw a box of oil pastels with a decent range of colors for a pretty good price (I think around S$7). I then happily bought it!


I then worked on a piece for a while, which I am happy to show you today!

I took inspiration for this piece from a few photos. Here’s the link to the elephant, the gazelles (first photo and second photo), the zebras, the rhino, the leopard, and the background (first photo and second photo).


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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone! I know this post is a bit late, since it’s past December 25, but since Christmas is 12 days long, I hope you still have time to enjoy this post!

I’d originally drawn the below drawing with pastels on common printer paper, but it turned out so awfully that I had to redo it in Photoshop. The final product didn’t turn out that well either, so I’m posting my family’s Christmas decorations to make up for it!


And here are the decorations:


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Sea Cliff Drawing

Hi, all! I wanted to show you one of my recent completed pen and watercolor drawings. It took a really long time, but I think it was worth it! Here are the process photos:


I can’t believe it’s already been three months since I last posted… I’ll try to upload more frequently from now on!

I’m off to Melbourne tonight, so I may post some photos when I get back!

Comments are appreciated as always!


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Second Pen Drawing of Bird

I was so pleased with my first watercolor and pen piece that I decided to try it again, this time with… birds. Again 🙂 I don’t know, I think they’re cute and a good subject to draw!

So, here was my initial pen sketch:

And here it is after I colored it with watercolor:

I might add more watercolor, but wanted to show you the progress shots first.


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Colored Bird Drawing

I tried coloring the first pen drawing of a bird that I posted around two weeks ago with watercolor. I really liked how it turned out! Adding color really made it much more dynamic, in a way. Here it is:

Since this is one of my first (successful) pieces with watercolor and pen (the ones that I previously did were so bad and childish that I left them uncompleted), I would really appreciate comments 🙂


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More Pen Drawings

I found that I really enjoyed drawing in pen, so I tried sketching a bit more by myself. Since I’d started with drawing birds, I thought I would continue drawing them, so that I could build up my confidence. Here are the two sketches that I did:

Bird Drawing I Bird Drawing II

I much prefer the second drawing that I did, because the highlights are more obvious. The reference photo of the second drawing is:https://wall.alphacoders.com/big.php?i=455636

I also drew the first drawing from a photo, but I can’t find the original photo right now. I’ll upload the link later.

Look forward to more pen drawing posts in the future! I already have a couple lined up that are ready to post.


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