Mount Baldy

I go to Pomona College in Claremont, California, and we have the more or less “famous” Mount Baldy. It snows there in the winter, which, from below, looks like powdered sugar.  The church that I go to has a nice view of the mountain, so I took a picture of it after finishing Mass. I had been wondering what to draw with my Copics on my new Copic sketchbook after my renewed interest in that medium, and I thought that the mountains would make a nice subject.

I am posting it here today. This is also the piece that was shown slightly in my post about Copics. To be honest, I am quite unhappy with it. I am very displeased with the trees, and I think that the blue shadows on the foreground mountain (which I did first) do not go well with the rest of the brownish hues. It looked nice when it only had the shadows. Oh well. At least it’s done with.


Here’s a photo before I “ruined it”, although you can start to see that I was filling it out in the bottom-right corner.


Looking at the photo of the finished piece, I suppose it’s not too bad. And practice makes perfect!

Also, I’ve scheduled my posts to go live on Wednesdays every other week at 6am PST. I read that Wednesdays are a good time to post to get traffic and that 9am EST is also a good time. So look forward to that!



14 thoughts on “Mount Baldy

  1. I actually prefer the finish piece over the unfinished version! The colors don’t seem to clash as much as you think—it looks rather painterly. Kind of reminds me of Cézanne.

  2. I think it works well, but if you did want to try to reduce the colour contrast you could have a go at “glazing” over the brown with a light or mid blue… though do test it first to get the right level of blue!

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