First Ink Drawing

I had had this idea for a while now, but hadn’t had the time to do it. Also, I didn’t know what materials to use to achieve this effect. After some research and a couple hours’ work, I was able to finish the drawing below:

Ink Portrait

I decided to use ink because that way the colored blots on top wouldn’t affect the black-and-white painting below.

My idea was to strip the person’s identity as much as possible by making a grayscale image (originally, I wanted a silkscreen-like image, with strong areas of contrast, but that failed) and then only show my conscious thought processes of that person using the ink blot. However, I don’t think the portrait was that good, so I don’t consider this a success.

However, I do like the somewhat gloomy image ink gives. Or is that just a result of my style?

School ends in two weeks… goodbye carefree life 🙂



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